What Does An AWS Cloud Security Operations Do?

What Does An AWS Cloud Security Operations Do

What Type Of Person Is Fit For A Job In Sec Ops?

SEC Ops is more of an analyst role. You’re gonna be dealing with a lot of process procedures. There’s going to be a lot of resources and a lot of technical knowledge and conceptual knowledge that you’re going to have to know if you want to have one of these jobs.

So if you’re to get a job in sec ops or security operations, a mindset that you’re gonna have to have is an analyst or a process minded problem solving mentality. So what that means is, you have to be very analytical.

A majority of your work is going to be focused on process improvement within your security team and improving your security posture through process rather than technical problem solving.

What Are The Job Roles And Responsibilities For Sec Ops?

You’re going to take a policy, create a procedure on top of that policy, and then you’re going to improve a process that your team can follow, whether they’re technical, or they’re non technical to help improve your security posture. 


Just like in physical security, you’re gonna have to have knowledge of an SIEM (Security Information and Event Management Tool such as Splunk, Alert Logic, and AlienVault.) If you have no prior knowledge of these tools, then don’t worry. You will most likely learn these tools with on-the-job experience.


So, what type of responsibilities do Sec Ops have?


  • Analyzing compliance scores
  • Searching for vulnerabilities in the cloud
  • Communicating about vulnerabilities and solutions to management
  • Creating and automating reporting on vulnerabilities


Sec ops are often in the middle of everything. They are right between management and security engineers. They have enough technical knowledge to identify problems and figure out solutions. Sec ops have to be able to communicate technical issues to non-technical people (possibly management) and highly technical people.


If you are interested in getting into cloud security, then sec ops can be a great career to get general knowledge of the cyber security space and deepen your knowledge about vulnerabilities.

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