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HailBytes is a cloud-first cybersecurity company offering easy-to-integrate security solutions for application developers and security engineers on AWS.

HailBytes began in 2018, when founder David McHale found himself implementing security processes for clients. David found that all of these companies had one thing in common. Human error was the single greatest contributor to cyber incidents. He devoted his time and energy into infrastructure and training tools to help organizations improve their security.

Halfway through our journey, John Shedd joined our team to help drive customer growth. His background in selling high-security data destruction equipment has helped grow Hailbytes into a more well-known solution in the cybersecurity industry.

Cloud Infrastructure

Hailbytes is dedicated to turning open-source security software into easy and secure software. Scale our software at at an instant on AWS.

Employee Training

Cybersecurity education is one of our passions at Hailbytes. We have free videos, courses, and eBooks to enable security culture at your organization.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the tools and training to turn your employees into cyber security warriors and protect your organization from the most common and damaging cyber attacks. 

Our Partners

We’re proud to partner with Infragard, Amazon, CAMICO, 360 Privacy, RedDNA and the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland to protect businesses around the world.

Building Security Infrastructure for the future

Hailbytes is transforming the best open-source software into AWS infrastructure for security teams across the globe.

Open-source software is loved by security engineers of teams large and small. The only problem is that software can be hard to set up and secure properly.

Hailbytes takes care of most of the messy set up by hardening open-source software and running over 120+ security checks to ensure that our customers are utilizing the best security practices in the cloud.

Running our software on AWS gives your team data privacy by letting you control your security infrastructure in the cloud.

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