What can Cyber Criminals Do with Your Information?

Identity Theft

Identity theft is the act of forging somebody else’s identity by utilizing their social security number, credit card info, and other identifying factors to obtain benefits through the victim’s name and identification, typically at the expense of the victim. Each year, roughly 9 million Americans fall victim to identity theft, and many fail to recognize the prevalence of identity theft, as well as its dire consequences. Sometimes, criminals can go undetected for several months before the victim even knows their identity has been stolen. It takes 7 hours for the average individual to recover from identity theft cases, and can take up the course of an entire day, to even months and longer for more extreme and severe cases. For a certain period of time, however, the victim’s identity can be exploited, sold, or completely ruined. In fact, you can buy stolen U.S. citizenship for $1300 on the Dark Web, creating a fake identity for yourself. 

Your Information on the Dark Web

One way cyber criminals profit off of your personal information is through leaking your information and selling your data on the dark web. Occurring more often than many believe, your personal information tends to make its way onto the dark web very frequently as a result of company data breaches and information leaks. Depending on the severity of the breach and other internal factors (i.e. how companies store data, what types of encryption they use, what vulnerabilities were exploited to get ahold of the data), information ranging from basic identification elements (like usernames, emails, addresses) to much more personal private details (passwords, credit cards, SSNs) can found easily in these types of dark web information leaks. With these kinds of details exposed on the dark web & readily available to be bought and downloaded, malicious actors can easily forge and manufacture fake identities from your personal information, resulting in cases of identity fraud. Additionally, malicious actors can potentially log in to your online accounts with leaked details from the dark web, giving them further access to your bank account, social media, and other personal information.

What Are Dark Web Scans?

So what if your personal information or company assets become compromised, and are later found on the dark web? Companies like HailBytes offer dark web scans: a service that searches the dark web for compromised information related to you and / or your business. However, a dark web scan will not scan the whole entire dark web. Like the regular web there are billions and billions of websites that make up the dark web. Searching through all these websites is inefficient and extremely costly. A dark web scan will check large databases on the dark web for leaked passwords, social security numbers, credit card information, and other confidential details that are available for download and purchase. If there is a potential match then the company will notify you of the breach. Knowing that you can then take the necessary steps to prevent further damage and if personal, possible identity theft. 

Our Services

Our services can help you keep your business safe. With our dark web scans, we can determine whether any of your company’s credentials have been compromised on the dark web. We can determine what exactly was compromised, allowing the opportunity to recognize the breach. This would give you, the business owner, the chance to change the compromised credentials to make sure your company is still secure. Also with our phishing simulations, we can train your employees to work while being vigilant of cyberattacks. This will help keep your company secure by training your employees to distinguish a phishing attack compared to an ordinary email. With our services, your company is guaranteed to become more secure. Check us out today!