Hailbytes' security policy templates!

Ensuring the safety and security of your company’s information and assets should be a a top priority.

One of the key ways we accomplish this is through the creation and implementation of security policies that guide our employees’ actions and behavior.


How will your employees know
security practices for your company?

How do you build security culture?

When you’re trying to build a culture within your company, the first step is getting everyone on the same page.

Security policies are one of the first steps when developing your company’s stance on common information technology risks.

Reading and accepting your company’s security policies is one of the first things a new hire should do. 

Are you covering the basics?

Wondering if you’re missing foundational security policies?

You can do a quick check by asking colleagues about your company’s stance on any of the policies below.

Looking for some help in putting them together?

Select the policies you’d like to discuss below and we’ll reach out to you with information about the policies you need help creating!