API Load Testing With Locust

API Load Testing With Locust

API Load Testing With Locust API Load Testing With Locust: Intro You’ve probably been in this situation before: you write code that does something, an endpoint for example. You test your endpoint using Postman or Insomnia, and everything works fine. You pass on the endpoint to the client-side developer, who then consumes the API and […]

Top OATH API Vulnerabilities

Top OATH API Vulnerabilites

Top OATH API Vulnerabilities Top OATH API Vulnerabilities: Intro When it comes to exploits, APIs are the greatest place to start. API access usually consists of three parts. Clients are issued tokens by an Authorization Server, which runs alongside APIs. The API receives access tokens from the client and applies domain-specific authorization rules based on […]

Guide To JSON Schema

JSON Schema

Guide to JSON Schema Before we go into JSON Schema, it’s important to know the difference between JSON and JSON Schema. JSON JSON is short for JavaScript Object Notation, and it’s a language-independent data format that APIs use to send requests and answers. JSON is simple to read and write for people and machines alike. […]

10 Ways To Protect Your Company From A Data Breach in 2022

Data breach

A Tragic History Of Data Breaches We have suffered from high profile data breaches at many big-name retailers, hundreds of millions of consumers have had their credit and debit cards compromised, not to mention other personal information.  The consequences of suffering data breaches caused major brand damage and range from consumer mistrust, a drop in […]

What is an API? | Quick Definition

What is an API?

Intro With a few clicks on a desktop or device, one can buy, sell or publish anything, anytime. Exactly how does it happen? How does information get from right here to there? The unrecognized hero is the API. What is an API? API stands for an APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACE.  An API expresses a software component, […]

How Can You Use Your Web Browser Safely in 2022?

Let’s take a minute to talk about better understanding Your Computer, specifically Web Browsers. Web browsers allow you to navigate the internet.  There are a variety of options available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. How do web browsers work? A web browser is an application that finds and displays […]