Shadowsocks documentation

Shadowsocks Setup Guide: How To Install

To start using Shadowsocks, launch an instance on AWS here.


Once you launch the instance, you can follow our client setup guide here.

Usage Instructions:

First download the appropriate client for your platform below:





shadowsocks-iOS – All devices, web browser, global proxy with some restrictions:








Shadowsocks for Windows – Shadowsocks client for Windows:

shadowsocks-qt5 – Powered by Qt:




ShadowsocksX – Shadowsocks client for Mac:


For the connection details, use your instance’s Public IPv4 address as the server address, the port 8488 as the connection port, and the instance ID as the password for authenticating to ShadowSocks2.

The encryption is chacha20-ietf-poly1305. The security rule for port 8488 should be restricted to approved users via a bastion, VPN or via the CIDR for your office network.

If you’re having trouble with security group rules then you can follow this guide on AWS for setting up security group rules in different use cases.


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