How will you respond when criminals
exploit one of your weaknesses?

Will you be able to detect it?

When cyber criminals want access to your company’s email accounts, mail servers, web servers, and more they go to the dark web.

The dark web is a loose collection of chat rooms, forums, and marketplaces where access to company assets is bought and sold on a massive scale.

Buying access to employee accounts on the dark web is where 1 in 5 malicious data breaches start.

Are you prepared to respond?

Falling victim to a data breach can be devastating for your company’s reputation.

A data breach can be expensive too! IBM found mid-sized companies spent an average of $3.86m per breach.

Having just one security analyst in-house to monitor for the signs leading up to a data breach will cost you $100,000 per year on average.

How can you control this risk?

Monitor Company Domains

You should monitor the dark web for all of your company domains so you know when employees accounts are listed for sale.

Monitor Company Servers

You should monitor the dark web for your company servers so you know when mail servers and web servers are at risk.

Monitor Company Cloud Accounts

You should monitor the dark web for the personal email accounts of key members of your organization like your CEO, CFO, CIO, etc.

How could we work together?

1. Enroll in monitoring

To start, enroll in a monitoring plan below. If you don't know which level of monitoring is right for your company, just request a free report below.

2. Set up your detection

As soon as you enroll our team will reach out to gather the domains, emails, and server IPs and begin monitoring your resources immediately.

3. Respond to threats

You'll get help from our certified intelligence analysts who will monitor your company assets and help you secure them as needed.

How is it working for other companies?

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Total Compromised Assets Reported in 2020 (HailBytes)

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