Cloud Security Threats In 2022

cloud security threats in 2022

Cloud Security Threats In 2022 As we move through 2022, it’s important to be aware of the top cloud security threats that may impact your organization. In 2022, cloud security threats will continue to evolve and become more sophisticated.   Here is a list of things to consider in 2022: 1. Hardening Your Infrastructure One […]

What Is A Comptia PenTest+ Certification?

Comptia PenTest+

What Is A Comptia PenTest+ Certification? So, What Is A Comptia PenTest+ Certification? A pentest+ certification is a great way to become an ethical hacker and help organizations improve their cybersecurity posture. As the name suggests, a pentest+ certification validates an individual’s ability to conduct penetration tests, which are simulations of real-world attacks that can […]

What Is Penetration Testing?

What Is Penetration Testing

What Is Penetration Testing? So, What Is Penetration Testing? Penetration testing is the process of finding and fixing security vulnerabilities in an organization. Part of the pen testers process is to create reports that show threat intelligence and help navigate organizational cybersecurity strategy. Pen testers take on the role of offensive security (blue team) and […]

Are AWS Services More Secure?

Are AWS Services More Secure

Are AWS Services More Secure? Are AWS Services really more secure? The truth is that whenever you are involving third-party infrastructure in your security systems, you are always opening yourself up to more risks. Whenever you add more technology to your stack, it is important to factor in compliance standards, and verify that the vendors […]

Debunking Common Cybersecurity Myths

Debunking common cybersecurity myths

Debunking Common Cybersecurity Myths Table of Contents Article Introduction There are many misconceptions about cyber security at home and at the workplace. Some people think they just have to install antivirus software on their computers to protect them from hackers. Having Antivirus software is a good thing but it cannot guarantee you from getting hacked. […]

How Strong Is My Password?

How strong is my password

How Strong Is My Password? Deploy GoPhish Phishing Platform on Ubuntu 18.04 into AWS How Strong Is My Password? Having a strong password can be the difference between keeping the money in your bank account or not. A password serves as the primary access point to your online identity, much like your house keys do. We […]