Hire a Virtual CISO:

Chief Information Security Officer

Virtual CISO

So what's a Virtual CISO?

A Virtual CISO is an on-demand Chief Information Security Officer that provides their security expertise remotely on a part-time basis.

Virtual CISO’s are experienced in many industries, and have many years of experience in the security field.

Having a vCISO on your side means that you’re providing your team with a knowledgeable leader that has the communication and management skills to get the job done right.

vCISO’s are a flexible option for tackling complex security projects.

How can a virtual CISO help
your company?

    • You need a short-term/part-time solution for security.

    • You need someone with a high level of security expertise without hiring a full-time CISO with a six-figure salary.

    • You need someone with a variety of skills and experience to guide a security team or SMB with security strategy and implementations.

What do you get with a vCISO?

Your InfoSec Roadmap

Get actionable insights that strategically guide your team.

Expert Leadership

Information security leadership and guidance from our experienced team.

Executive Presentations

Executive presentations for key members of your organization like your CEO, CFO, CIO, etc.

How could we work together?

1. Initial Consultation

As soon as you enroll our team will reach out to you and begin the onboarding process.

2. Create A Security Plan

Our team creates a custom plan that fits your organizations security needs.

3. Implement Team Strategy

Your team receives actionable guidance to execute on your new security strategy.

How is it working for other companies?

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