Redmine Project Management

Easily manage your projects, team and budget with Redmine– a cost-efficient project management solution that includes features like issue tracking, Gantt charts, SCM integration and more.

Redmine on AWS

Redmine is a tool for managing projects and tracking issues. Teams can manage numerous projects from a single user interface thanks to it. This solution offers business-class capabilities like LDAP user access control, support for numerous databases, and bug tracking tools. Git and Mercurial are both completely integrated with it.

The image is set up for use in industrial settings. It is pre-installed with the most recent versions of Redmine, Apache, MariaDB, and Ruby and has SSL auto-configuration with Let’s Encrypt certificates.


Maximize project success without maxing out your budget

Redmine Price

Prices start at $$0.106 per hour of usage from 26 Datacenters around the world.


Most frequent questions and answers

Images that have been verified by HailBytes are always up to current, secure, and pre-configured to function.

Applications are packaged using industry standards by HailBytes, which also regularly scans all components and libraries for security flaws and software upgrades. HailBytes instantly repackages the applications and uploads the most recent versions to cloud marketplaces whenever a security threat or update is discovered.


Our image of Redmine is hardened to CIS benchmarks and set up with auto-configurations making it secure and easy to set up.

If you have any questions about the set up process or security, your subscription comes with free email support.


There is a 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee


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Who Uses Our Software?

Our software is easy to use, dependable and comes fully supported by Hailbytes.

We are trusted by some of the biggest companies:

  • Amazon
  • Zoom
  • Deloitte
  • SHI

And many more!