Podio is a comprehensive platform for business management, communication and collaboration with the features of document management system. It enables users to create customisable workflows that enable teams to streamline their internal processes. Designed for businesses big or small, it helps them save time on repetitive tasks by automating recurring tasks and processes.

Key Features of Podio:

Workflow automation

Create workflow templates to automate your business processes through automated triggers and notifications. You can manage all your customers, projects, products etc using these customizable workflows that seamlessly integrates with Podio’s advanced task manager feature.

Customizable Dashboards

Enable employees the flexibility to create personalized dashboards by combining various widgets including task list, apps and calendar. This ensures that every user is able to manage their tasks, keeping track of deadlines in the process.

Collaboration tools

Podio includes a built-in chat module that helps employees communicate with each other in real time. Also available are collaboration tools like voice calling and video conferencing which allows teams to operate from remote locations more efficiently.

Customisation options for users

With over 500 applications (apps), you can add customized fields and widgets as per your requirements on all project management screens. With these features, you can create workflows and processes specific to your organization so it’s easier for everyone to understand how things are done.

Cost-effective and secure

As the size of your business grows, you don’t need to spend money on additional applications or add-ons. With Podio, you pay only for what you use and can scale up or down according to your requirements.


Podio is a powerful platform that is designed with features needed by every business in mind. It simplifies not only day-to-day operations but also keeps track of the critical metrics that would improve business performance. Whether it be a document management system, workflow automation, task management or collaboration tools – everything has been made simple. Try it out today!