What Is SourceForge?



Computer programmers and software developers initially used the Internet to share source code, that is, the basic instructions for a computer program. As the popularity of these websites grew, so did the demand for more sophisticated tools that would allow developers to collaborate on projects together without having to be in the same physical location. To meet this need, SourceForge was created as a centralized site where developers could post their software, solicit feedback and comments from other users, and collaborate on projects together.

SourceForge is maintained by the community-run SourceForge Media LLC but is owned by Slashdot Media. The website was launched in 1999 to provide an online repository for open source project development and hosting using the CVS revision control system. Today, SourceForge is the largest web-based hosting service for open source software projects.

Benefits of Using SourceForge

There are many benefits offered to developers who choose to host their project on SourceForge:

Free Hosting – Users can host and manage their projects for free using the services provided by SourceForge. Customizable Templates – SourceForge offers a wide range of templates that users can choose from to create an attractive and functional website for their projects. Project Management Tools – SourceForge provides developers with a full suite of project management tools, including issue tracking, forums, mailing lists, release management and build automation services. Access Control – Developers have the ability to control the access levels for different users who visit their projects on SourceForge. This can include limiting read and write access or allowing developers to upload new versions of files from a project. Version Control – SourceForge includes a centralized version control system that enables developers to commit changes, check out code and manage branches all in one location. Advanced Search – SourceForge provides users with a highly effective search engine that can locate and find projects and files quickly. The site is also searchable through RSS feeds, which allow developers to keep track of certain projects or keywords across all of the open source projects on SourceForge.


SourceForge was created in 1999 to provide developers who work collaboratively on open source projects with the tools they need to be successful. SourceForge is owned and maintained by the community of developers who use it, and offers a wide range of free services that are highly customizable. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned developer, SourceForge can help you find success with your project.