How to Gather Information Fast - Using SpiderFoot and Discover Scripts

Fast and effective recon


Gathering information is a crucial step in OSINT, Pentest and Bug Bounty engagements. Automated tools can significantly speed up the process of gathering information. In this post, we will explore two automated recon tools, SpiderFoot and Discover Scripts, and demonstrate how to use them to gather information effectively.



SpiderFoot is an open-source automated reconnaissance platform that enables you to gather information about your target domain or IP address. SpiderFoot has a wide range of recon modules that allow you to scan for various types of data, including domains, hostnames, email addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers, usernames, and Bitcoin addresses.

To get started with SpiderFoot, you can sign up for a free account on or use the cloud version called SpiderFootHX. Once you have created a new scan, you can enter your target domain or IP address and select the data types you want to scan for. SpiderFoot will run through its modules and provide you with your scan results.


Discover is a script that packs multiple information-gathering tools into one. It can be used to gather information about domains, IP addresses, subdomains, and email addresses. Discover automates the process of gathering information by running various tools such as MassDNS, Twisted, and The Harvester.


To use Discover, you need to clone it into the opt/discover directory and run You can then run a passive recon on your target domain or IP address using the command “recon domain -t <target>”. Discover will perform automatic Google searches and generate a report in the data folder.


Automated recon tools like SpiderFoot and Discover Scripts can significantly speed up the process of gathering information. These tools provide valuable insights into your target domain or IP address, making it easier for you to plan your next steps. By combining these automated tools with manual information gathering, you can obtain a more comprehensive view of your target.