10 Reasons To Learn Bash In 2023



Learning to code is a must in this day and age. Whether you are just starting out or already have some programming background, there is always something new to learn. This article will briefly discuss the reasons why learning bash scripting right now might help you succeed in your future career development efforts.

1. It’s Easy To Learn:

The number one reason to go ahead and start learning bash scripting is that it is very easy to get started with! The language itself is not difficult from a syntactical point of view (not so much from a semantic point of view either…). There are tons of resources for beginners out there on the web, including well-written tutorials and even some video content. All things considered, it won’t take you much time to pick up the essentials and start coding.

2. It Will Help You Build On Your Current Coding Skills:

Once you finish a bash scripting course or purchase a book, chances are that you will have learned new principles and concepts that can be applied to other programming languages such as Python or JavaScript. For instance, if you are excellent at solving bugs in programs written in C++ but not so good at getting things right in your shell scripts, then most probably these skills will overlap and help each other! It is always more fun to learn when there is some context behind why we do something – this adds a whole new dimension to learning for me as well.

3. It Has The Potential To Help You Work More Efficiently:

Being able to write scripts and programs that automate certain tasks in your operating system can save you lots of time. Imagine being able to come back from a long day at work, opening your laptop, starting it up and then just automating all the tedious things… now the idea might seem too difficult to be realizable but this is exactly what shell scripting is! Like any other programming language or task out there, mastering it takes time and effort. Notwithstanding, if you ever do manage to get good at it, I am sure you will feel much more enthusiastic about working on many different coding projects during your free time.

4. It Will Enable You To Take On New Coding Challenges:

Since you will have mastered the basics of bash scripting, there is no reason why you can’t keep on learning. For example, if you decide to take up the challenge of building a very comprehensive project which involves many different languages and libraries, then once again, having the skills to write scripts using bash will come in handy. Additionally, some websites and courses out there might require that they are written following specific coding principles. Also, if you are ever going to manage your own software development team one day – having a good understanding as well as practical application skills in shell scripting is almost mandatory!

5. It Will Help You To Get Started In The Programming Field:

If you consider becoming a full-time software engineer in the future, having a solid understanding as well as some real-life experience writing shell scripts is definitely good preparation. Most likely you will be required to have at least some knowledge of different programming languages and concepts while being interviewed for your first job. So if this sounds like something that might interest you then simply start learning now!

6. It Will Open New Doors:

Once again, there are so many possibilities here… For example, if you do become very proficient in bash scripting and other related technologies/languages, then it becomes much easier to help out with projects or even contribute to open source software repositories online. Another thing that comes to mind right away is that, by knowing how to write scripts on your system, you can come up with new ways to make your own life easier.

7. It Will Help You Improve Your Workflow:

When writing a script, there are two very important things that we need to keep in mind – efficiency and readability. You see, most shell scripting programs are not meant to be executed once and never again… they will be used over and over again by different people so it is crucial for us to pay attention to these aspects of our code. By keeping the readability as high as possible (i.e. using comments more often), this will help other fellow programmers understand our work more quickly and easily when looking at it a few months later! Also, if you always use the same logic and structure when writing your scripts, then this will help the whole project to be more consistent in the long run.

8. It Will Help You To Be More Productive:

I have already mentioned this before in this post – if you do manage to get good at using bash scripts, then I am sure that you will be very satisfied with the overall amount of time saved! This goes not only for your personal life but also for your professional ones as well. If you want to take on more interesting projects and/or become a better manager, then having skills like these is definitely helpful. For example, maybe after getting home from an exhausting day at work and coming back home just wanting to relax and forget about any problems or issues on our mind… however later on when the Internet connection is suddenly down or some other unexpected technical issue arises – having a script around that can help you to resolve these problems quickly and effectively is definitely a great advantage!

9. It Can Be Used In Many Different Scenarios:

First, we need to know very well what will be the focus or purpose of our scripts. For example, if you are going to create simple tools that can be used in your everyday life (like creating some shortcuts for opening specific files/directories), then by all means – go ahead and start right now! If on the other hand your goal is only to use these scripts in order to automate server tasks, manage multiple machines through SSH or something similar – simply keep learning more advanced concepts as you go along. The bottom line here is that there really isn’t a fixed set of rules that can be applied to any shell script. So it is up to you as the programmer to come up with the correct approach!

10. It Will Help You To Save Time And Money:

Finally, we get to what I consider as one of the most important benefits out there when it comes down to learning how to use bash scripts in 2023 and beyond… For example, if you are working on some very complex project that requires writing reams of code and don’t have much free time for yourself (work-related stuff or family obligations… etc), then knowing how to improve your workflow by using either built-in commands or even a specific third-party program will save you a lot of time. This can be achieved by either skipping a few steps in the process or completely automating different tasks that would have otherwise taken a long time to complete!