Web-Filtering-as-a-Service: A Secure and Cost-Effective Way to Protect Your Employees

What is Web-Filtering

A Web filter is computer software that limits the websites a person can access on their computer. We use them to prohibit access to websites that host malware. These are usually sites associated to pornography or gambling. To put it simply, web filtering software filters out the web so that you don’t access websites that may host malware that will affect your software. They allow or block online access to places websites that may have potential dangers. There are many Web-Filtering services that do this. 

Why we need Web-Filtering

Every 13th web request results in malware. This makes Internet security a crucial business responsibility for businesses of all sizes. The web is involved in 91% of malware attacks. But a lot of businesses don’t use web filtering technology to keep an eye on their DNS tiers. Some businesses have to manage disconnected systems that are expensive, complex, and resource-intensive. Others are still using outdated legacy systems that can’t keep up with an evolving threat landscape. That’s where Web-Filtering services come in

Web-Filtering Tools

The difficulty of web filtering is the manner that employees engage with online resources. Users are accessing the corporate web more via a range of unprotected devices at a range of locations. A web-filtering service that can help with this is Minecast Web Security. It’s a low-cost, cloud-based web filtering service that enhances security and monitoring at the DNS layer. Using Mimecast, businesses can safeguard web activity with the help of simple technologies. These technologies stop harmful web activity before it reaches their network thanks to Mimecast’s Internet security solution. There is another web-filtering tool called BrowseControl that stops users from starting up applications that can host malware. Websites can also be blocked depending on their IP address, content category, and URL. BrowseControl lessens your network’s exposure to attack by blocking unused network ports. For each workgroup like computers, users, and departments, there’s special constraints assigned. There are many such Web-Filtering tools that prevent or reduce the chances of your software from experiencing malware.