How To Setup Amazon SES to Send Emails from any Application

How To Setup Amazon SES to Send Emails from any Application


 Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is an email platform offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It enables businesses and organisations to send transactional emails, marketing messages, and other types of communications to a large number of recipients in a reliable and cost-effective way. With Amazon SES, you can also track and analyse the delivery, open, click, and bounce rates of your email campaigns, among other metrics. This tutorial will show you how to set up Amazon SES to send emails with Gophish or any other application

Setting up Amazon SES

  1. Log in to your AWS console and search for SES. Click Amazon Simple Mail Service. On the left pane, select verified identities. 
  2. Click on the Create Identity button. Choose Email Identity as the identity type and input the email address of your choosing.
  3. A verification link will the sent to the email address. Click the link to verify your account. 
  4. Go back to the console and refresh the page. Your identity should be verified. 
  5. On the left pane, click SMTP settings. Select Create SMTP Credentials. Enter a username of your choosing and download the credentials. 
  6. On the left pane, click Verified Identities and select the identity you created. Click the Send Test Email button to send a test email to your preferred email address.  
  7. Once the email has been sent successfully, check the recipient’s email to make sure it was received.
  8. It is important to note that these emails can only be sent to Amazon-verified accounts. This is done to prevent fraudulent activities. To remove this limitation, go to your dashboard and request production access.

Setting up Amazon SES to Send Emails from Gophish

  1. On your Gophish console, click Sending Profiles on the left pane. 
  2. Select AWS SES and edit the template to fit your needs.
  3. In the username and password fields, input the credentials you downloaded previously. 
  4. Send a test email and confirm success. 
  5. This can be replicated with other applications.


In conclusion, setting up Amazon SES is a valuable skill for those who want to optimize their email campaigns and streamline their communication. With its reliable infrastructure, cost-effective pricing, and tracking and analytics features, Amazon SES can help businesses of all sizes to improve their email delivery and increase their engagement with their target audience. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be ready to set up Amazon SES to send emails from any application.