What in the world is Spear Phishing?

Spear phishing is similar to general phishing in that it targets confidential information, but spear phishing is much more tailored to a specific victim.

These types of attacks try to specifically address the target and disguise themselves as a person or entity the victim might know.

How is Spear Phishing different from Phishing?

Unlike normal phishing attacks, spear phishing attempts are personalized and targeted towards specific individuals.

Spear phishing uses of methods that involve personal and potentially confidential connections/relationships, such as spoofing emails from an employee’s manager or boss.

Also unlike normal phishing, spear phishing attacks continue to try to get more information off that single person rather than grabbing the information and then disappearing.

How does a Spear Phishing attack work?

Spear phishing attacks work similarly to normal phishing attacks.

In them an attacker will send a victim an email for them to read and reply to or click on any attachments.

Who needs to worry about Spear Phishing attacks?

Well everyone should worry about spear phishing. However, people that usually post a lot of personal information on places like social media or blogs should especially be on alert. 

Cybercriminals snoop through personal information to tailor an email that can be undetectable.

How can you prevent Spear Phishing attacks?

Generally there are no filters that can 100% prevent spear phishing attacks from being received.

If you familiarize and prepare yourself with the spear phishing attacks then you may be able to avoid them completely or minimize damage.

A place where you can easily familiarize yourself with these attacks are with phishing simulations.

What are Spear Phishing Simulations?

Spear phishing simulations are exercises that help employees distinguish a spear phishing email from any other ordinary email.

This would allow employees to recognize potential targeted threats to keep their company’s information safe.

Why would I want to simulate Spear Phishing attacks?

Frequently running spear phishing simulations teach employees to be more aware of the many types of targeted attacks frequently utilized by spear phishing attackers, and train employees to react safely and appropriately to targeted spear phishing attacks before they happen in the real world.