What exactly is Social Engineering, anyway?

Social engineering is the use of deception to manipulate individuals to give confidential and sensitive information that can be used for confidential information.

An example of social engineering is a phishing attack where victims are social engineered to provide confidential information.

What makes Social Engineering a threat?

Cybercriminals use social engineering to get victims confidential information.

This information is most likely used for fraudulent purposes and represents a major security breach for the victim as their sensitive information is in possession of a cybercriminal.

How does a Social Engineering attack work?

Social Engineering attacks rely entirely on using psychological tactics and tricking victims to give personal information through different methods, including phishing.

Check out the FAQs page about phishing to learn more about phishing.

What can I do to prevent Social Engineering attacks?

The best way to prevent social engineering attacks is to train yourself and your employees to identify these attacks.

You can properly train your employees through showing many examples of phishing emails, calls, and messages.

There are also phishing simulations, where you can put your employees firsthand through what a phishing attack is really like, more on that below.

What are Phishing Simulations?

Phishing simulations are exercises that help employees distinguish a phishing email from any other ordinary email.

This would allow employees to recognize potential threats to keep their company’s information safe.

For example, mass sending a phishing email out to your employees and seeing how they respond.

Why are Phishing Simulations an effective defense against Social Engineering attacks?

Phishing simulations help employees recognize patterns and the details that can be used to identify phishing attacks, as phishing simulations are designed to model real life attacks.

This can help them identify a phishing email when they actually receive a real one.