Vulnerability Management as a Service: The Smart Way to Protect Your Organization

What is Vulnerability Management?

With all the coding and software companies use, there’s always security vulnerabilities. There can be code at risk and a need to secure applications. That’s why we need to have vulnerability management. But, we already have so much on our plate to worry about the vulnerabilities involved. So to save time and money in the long run we have vulnerability management services.

Vulnerability Management as a Service

The vital company resources, risks, and vulnerabilities are found via vulnerability management services. To run vulnerability management programs that meet your specific needs, they offer the personnel, infrastructure, and technology. If you would like to know vulnerabilities that pose a risk to your company, there are vulnerability management services that teach you. They also teach you how to resolve these risks. You can gain visibility and measurement of your organization’s assets, threats, and vulnerabilities. Also you can patch vulnerabilities found and understand how changes in your surroundings may affect your security posture.

SecPod SanerNow

SecPod SanerNow is one such service. It is a SaaS-based cybersecurity technology and product startup. With a single endpoint management and security platform, SecPod’s SanerNow assists enterprises many things. These include risk assessment, vulnerability detection, threat analysis, fixing misconfigurations, updating all devices. SecPod is adamant that prevention is always preferable to treatment. Five products make up the integrated SanerNow platform. SanerNow Vulnerability Management, SanerNow Patch Management, SanerNow Compliance Management, SanerNow Asset Management, and SanerNow Endpoint Management. By combining all five solutions into one platform, SanerNow regularly creates cyber hygiene. SecPod SanerNow’s Platform builds proactive security, achieves naive certainty over the attack surface, and carries out rapid elimination. They give the computer environment constant visibility, identifies incorrect setups, and aids in automating these procedures.