Making the Most Out of Your GoPhish Campaign Results


GoPhish is an easy to use and affordable phishing simulator you can add to your phishing training program. Its main purpose is to conduct phishing campaigns to educate your employees on how to spot and respond to phishing attempts. This is primarily done by providing statistics on how each employee interacted with the phishing attempt, but action needs to be taken for these results to be effective. In this article, we will go over how you can make the most out of your GoPhish campaign results.

Analyze Campaign Results

Start by examining the campaign metrics provided by GoPhish. Look for key indicators such as open rates, click rates, and credential submissions. These metrics will help you understand the overall effectiveness of your campaign and identify potential areas for improvement.

Identify Vulnerable Employees

Analyze the individuals who fell for your phishing emails or interacted with them. Determine if there are patterns among the targeted employees. This will help you identify employees and prioritize security awareness training for these individuals.

Conduct Targeted Training

Create security training programs based on the vulnerabilities identified in the previous step. Focus on educating employees about common phishing techniques, warning signs, and best practices for identifying and reporting suspicious emails.

Implement Technical Controls

Consider implementing additional security features, like email filtering, spam detection, and enhanced authentication methods, to provide an additional layer of protection against phishing attempts.

Phishing Response Plan

If you do not have a well written response plan to phishing incidents, consider creating one. Determine the actions to be taken when an employee reports a suspected phishing email or falls victim to one. This plan should include steps like isolating affected systems, resetting compromised credentials, and communicating with relevant stakeholders.


Remember that preventing phishing attempts requires more than running GoPhish phishing simulations. You will need to carefully analyze your campaign results, plan a response, and execute your plans. By making the most out of your GoPhish campaign results, you can enhance your business’s defenses against phishing attacks.