Hailbytes VPN: A Secure and Reliable Way to Access Your AWS Resources


Using a confusing, slow, and unreliable VPN is frustrating and places your network at risk. It can make your network vulnerable to data theft, MITM attacks, or even ransomware. In this article, we will go over the security and reliability benefits of HailBytes VPN.

Common Reliability Issues

You may have used VPNs, especially older VPNs, with suboptimal performance, hindering your business’s operations. Sometimes the software is not optimized for your operating system, or the software engineering standards used are antiquated. More commonly, VPNs have connection issues. Some potential causes are remote server locations, expensive encryption, or poor configurations.

Common Security Issues

Many free or popular VPNs have less than optimal security standards. These can include practices like improper user authentication or poor default safety configurations. This can lead to your entire network vulnerable to malicious activities, such as hijackings or ransomware. Sometimes free VPN hosts may even log or sell personal data to compensate for their services.

HailBytes VPN

HailBytes VPN was designed through a meticulous and thorough academic process. We believe simplicity is key to our VPN’s reliability and security. With minimal lines of code and simple configurations, our VPN has limited potential attack surface, simplified cybersecurity audits, and ease of configurations. On top of this, we have state-of-the-art cryptography like Noise protocol framework and Curve25519 to ensure contact points are secure. Unlike some heavily secured VPNs, you can count on HailBytes VPN speed and connection. With numerous Amazon server locations across the world, VPN server connections can be a memory of the past. It lives on the Linux kernel and its high-speed cryptographic primitives make it 58% faster than OpenVPN in independent benchmarking.  


Choose HailBytes VPN for a hassle-free and high-speed VPN to securely access your AWS resources. It adheres to CIS v2.1.0 and the latest cryptographic techniques, ensuring the safety and protection of your data. Check out our quick guide on how to set up HailBytes VPN to get started.

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