Case Studies of How Web-Filtering-as-a-Service Has Helped Businesses

What is Web-Filtering

A Web filter is computer software that limits the websites a person can access on their computer. We use them to prohibit access to websites that host malware. These are usually sites associated to pornography or gambling. To put it simply, web filtering software filters out the web so that you don’t access websites that may host malware that will affect your software. They allow or block online access to places websites that may have potential dangers. There are many Web-Filtering services that do this. 

Why Cisco Umbrella?

Businesses can prevent employees from accessing certain types of web content during work hours. These can include adult content, shopping channels, and gambling services. Some of these websites may harbor malware – even from personal devices and even when not connected to the corporate network. Even when teleworking, the DNS-based web filtering technology is not completely useless. The client software is bundled with Cisco Umbrella and is included in your membership fee. If your client computers already have VPN software installed, you can install this small piece of software on them. You can also use the Cisco AnyConnect add-on module. Your DNS filtering can now be extended wherever that PC goes thanks to this program. With these software, web filtering has gone from 30% successful to 100% successful. You can install the Cisco Umbrella client on PCs, tablets, and even mobile devices.

Case Study

A 3rd party research service has really enjoyed using Cisco Umbrella. The cloud edge security product, and configuring it for all their employees and locations has been simple for them. They were glad that they didn’t have to require on-premise technology. They also said that Umbrella has given them great security blocking and insight capabilities for all their systems. These systems include those in their data centers, branch offices, remote workers, and IoT devices. Their Secops team has been able to react to occurrences thanks to the standard automatic reports. In remote regions where backhaul traffic reduced performance, the DNS security solution to security has reduced latency. They bought Cisco Umbrella because of some of the features. These include reduced latency and improved internet performance. As well as security for branch, mobile, and remote offices. Also simplified management and combining various security products for easier management. Thanks to Cisco Umbrella, the company was able to have simple deployment and a decrease in malware. Malware infections were even reduced by 25% and their other security solutions’ alarms (such AV/IPS) were 25% less frequent. After using Cisco Umbrella they note the faster connectivity and solid reliability.