Benefits of Using Hailbytes Git on AWS for Your Organization

What is HailBytes?

HailBytes is a cybersecurity firm that lowers operational costs, boosts productivity, and allows for greater scalability by offering safe software infrastructure in the cloud.

Git Server on AWS

The HailBytes Git Server provides a secure, supported, and easy-to-manage versioning system for your code. This allows users to save code, track revision history, and combine code changes. The system has security updates and uses an open source development that is free of hidden backdoors.

This self-hosted Git service is easy to use and powered by Gitea. In many ways, it is like GitHub, Bitbucket, and Gitlab. It provides support for Git revision control, developer wiki pages, and issue tracking. You will be able to access and maintain your code with ease because of the functionality and familiar interface. The HailBytes Git Server is very easy to set up. All you have to do is go on AWS Marketplace or other cloud markets and buy it from there or try the free trial.


Some of the highlights of using HailBytes Git Server is that it provides support for Git revision control, issue tracking, and developer wiki pages. The issue tracking is precise and is even for each repository. The developer wiki support pages that our Git Server provides makes the project documentation considerably simpler. In addition to these benefits, even with a large team with many developers you would be paying the same hourly rate.

Why not other providers?

Some providers like GitHub and BitBucket have high scaling cost, low file size limits, and inconvenient down times. GitHub has an enterprise scaling cost of $21 per user/month which will scale very quickly in a company. BitBucket $6 per user/month which would also scale pretty fast in a company. Meanwhile, HailBytes Git Server scales on the number of hours you use it and doesn’t scale with the number of users. With HailBytes Git Server you can have a completely private git dashboard, unlimited repositories, and unlimited developers with only $0.20/hour used. GitHub has also gone down every hour with it being down very often at 10am.