Benefits of Using GoPhish on AWS for Security Awareness Training


Too often we hear of employees or family members who have leaked credentials or sensitive information to seemingly trustworthy or credible emails and websites. Although some deception tactics are easy to detect, some phishing attempts may seem legitimate to the untrained eye. It is no wonder email phishing attempts on US businesses alone were estimated to cost around $2.7 billion. Phishing prevention starts with security awareness training for your employees. An easy way to start is to use GoPhish. In this article, we will go over some benefits of using GoPhish to enhance your results for your security awareness training program.


  • Easy Installation: GoPhish is written in the Go programming language, making installations as simple as downloading and running on a C compiler. The setup alone should take around ten minutes with most default configurations set up optimally. 
  • Customizable templates: GoPhish has highly customizable email and landing page templates and premade templates. You can create convincing phishing emails and realistic landing pages where users can be directed to. 
  • Easily Scalable: GoPhish as provided by HailBytes provides a scalable infrastructure that allows you to easily accommodate a large number of users. You can spin up multiple instances of GoPhish to handle campaigns for your growing workforce.


  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics: GoPhish generates comprehensive reports and analytics for each campaign, providing insights into the overall success rate, open rates, click rates, and the data entered by users on landing pages.


  • Enhanced functionality: GoPhish provides an API that allows developers to extend its functionality or integrate it with other systems. It supports integration with email relays or SMTP servers for sending phishing emails, as well as with security information and event management (SIEM) systems for logging and analysis. Custom plugins and modules can be developed to enhance the capabilities of GoPhish based on your business’s specific requirements.


  • Simple Campaign Management: GoPhish allows you to create and manage multiple phishing campaigns from a clean Web UI. You can set up campaigns, define target groups, and track the progress of each campaign.


  • Hassle-free Credential Harvesting: GoPhish provides a built-in mechanism to capture and store user credentials entered on phishing landing pages.


  • Secure: Pre-hardened by HailBytes and includes built-in security features like data encryption, access controls, and network isolation.


  • Low Rate: HailBytes GoPhish offers a competitive rate of $0.60 per hour without the hassle of managing physical infrastructure.


  • Flexible Pricing Model: It offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model, allowing you to scale your resources based on demand. You only pay for the resources you use, which can make security awareness training more cost-effective.


  • No Commitment: HailBytes offers a 7-day free trial and 30-day money back guarantee.


GoPhish offers an accessible, effective, and affordable phishing simulator for your business’s security training. Its easy installation, flexibility, and scalability make it user-friendly and adaptable to different needs. With comprehensive reporting, enhanced functionality, and simple campaign management, GoPhish provides businesses with a valuable tool to train your employees against phishing attempts.