7 Security Awareness Tips

Security Awareness

In this article, we will give you a few tips on how you can stay safe from cyber attacks.

Follow A Clean Desk Policy

Following a clean desk policy will help reduce the risk of information theft, fraud, or a security breach caused by sensitive information being left in plain view. When leaving your desk, be sure to lock your computer and put away sensitive documents.

Be Aware When Creating Or Disposing Of Paper Documents

Sometimes an attacker might look for your trash, hoping to discover useful information that may allow access to your network. Sensitive documents must never be disposed of in the wastepaper basket. Also, don’t forget, if you print a document, you should always pick up the printouts.

Consider Carefully What Information You Put Out There

Practically anything you have ever posted on the internet can be discovered by cybercriminals.

What might seem like a harmless post could help an attacker prepare a targeted attack.

Prevent Unauthorized People From Accessing Your Company

An attacker may try to gain access to the building by pretending to be an employee visitor or service personnel.

If you see a person you don’t know without a badge, don’t be shy to approach them. Ask for their contact person, so that you may verify their identity.

Just Because They Know You, Doesn’t Mean You Know Them!

Voice phishing occurs when trained fraudsters trick unsuspecting people into giving out sensitive info over the phone.

Don’t Reply To Phishing Scams

Through phishing, potential hackers might try to acquire information such as usernames, passwords, or get you to download malware. Be especially cautious of emails that come from unrecognized senders. Never confirm personal or financial information over the internet.

If you get a suspicious email. Do not open it, rather forward it immediately to your IT security department.

Prevent Damage From Malware

When you don’t know, or trust the sender, do not open mail attachments.

The same philosophy goes for macro send Office documents. Also, never plug in USB devices from untrusted sources.

In Conclusion

Follow these tips and report anything suspicious to your IT department right away. You’ll be doing your part to protect your organization from cyber threats.