3 Reasons Why You Need Vulnerability Management as a Service

What is Vulnerability Management?

With all the coding and software companies use, there’s always security vulnerabilities. There can be code at risk and a need to secure applications. That’s why we need to have vulnerability management. But, we already have so much on our plate to worry about the vulnerabilities involved. So to have a safe environment, time, and money in the long run we have vulnerability management services.

Safe environment

Vulnerability management will ensure that your organization does not have any security vulnerabilities. You can do it yourself or have a service do it for you. Managing your environment will do so in different ways. It can be less at risk of security issues, avoid doing things that may put your security at risk, or fix things when there is an attack on your security. There are services that can teach you to identify flaws and patch management.


Vulnerability management saves time if you are working on a strong defense against cyber attacks. You won’t have to call someone to figure out what’s wrong and try to fix it or figure out on your own. In the long run it’ll save time since you won’t ever actually have to fix anything. Also, vulnerability as a service takes care of managing your environment and finding incorrect setups for you. So you don’t have to put in effort to research how to do so nor do you have to actually fix it yourself. For example, SecPod SanerNow focuses on constant vulnerability free. With this strong defense, the same thing won’t happen again so time won’t have to be spent on fixing everything again. Also, SecPod SanerNow focuses on a continuous/autonomous system to manage vulnerabilities to maintain that strong defense. That means there’s even less time spent since it will do so all by itself. They give the computer environment constant visibility, identifies flaws and incorrect setups, closes gaps to reduce the attack surface, and aids in automating these procedures. That way, it’s only the computer searching for any possible vulnerabilities and will automate all of it so that we don’t have to put in the time and effort to do so.


Being taught how to identify incorrect setups and manage your environment will definitely help save your money in the long run. You won’t have to hire any vulnerability management services to figure out what’s wrong and fix it for you if you can’t learn to do all this yourself. Though the tradeoff would be that you have to spend time and effort to do so. But, as noted there are many ways to save time with these services as well. Also, end-to-end vulnerability management procedures can be implemented with a single strong, lightweight agent. That means that network scanning can be performed by the same agent with no extra cost.