Top 3 Best Project Management Tools In The Cloud

Best CLOUD Project Management Tools


When you are running a business, you will inevitably face the need to manage tasks and projects. But what tools do you use for that? Luckily, nowadays, there are plenty of project management apps available in the cloud and here we will tell you more about them.


The first one on our list is Redmine. This tool is a perfect choice for those who are not so tech-savvy, as the app offers excellent support and an easy to use interface. With Redmine you will be able to manage tasks, set deadlines and keep track of your team’s performance. What’s more, there is also an option to request help from an expert when needed.


The second pick on our list is Basecamp. This tool has been around for quite some time now (it was created in 2004), but it still remains one of the best project management tools out there. It allows users to easily create multiple projects complete with due dates and reminders, as well as assigning various tasks within those projects to team members. With this app, communicating with your workforce becomes easier than ever – all messages are organized neatly in one place which makes them much less jumbled up than through emails or other means of communication. Besides that, you also receive notifications when something important happens and you don’t have your app open in front of you.


Finally, the last one that we want to mention is Trello. This app is a great choice for teams who like to keep their projects simple, as this tool has only three levels of hierarchy: boards (projects), lists (categories/tasks), and cards (individual tasks). It’s great if you are not so big on complex project management tools, but still need order in your work. What’s good about it is that it integrates with many other services such as Slack or Google Drive and its free version makes it available for any team size possible. So if you’re looking for something basic yet powerful, this may be the perfect app for you!

And there you have it, three of the best project management tools available in the cloud.

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