Phishing Awareness in 2022: How Does It Happen And How To Prevent It

Phishing Awareness

Phishing Awareness: How Does It Happen And How To Prevent It Deploy GoPhish Phishing Platform on Ubuntu 18.04 into AWS Why Do Criminals Use A Phishing Attack? What’s the biggest security vulnerability in an organization? The people! Whenever they want to infect a computer or gain access to important information like account numbers, passwords, or […]

Phishing Awareness In The Workplace in 2022


Intro: Phishing Awareness In The Workplace This article clarifies what phishing is, and how it can be prevented with the proper tools and training. The text has been transcribed from an interview between John Shedd and David McHale of HailBytes. What is Phishing? Phishing is a form of social engineering, typically through email or through […]

How Can You Use Email Attachments Safely in 2022?

Let’s talk about using Caution with Email Attachments. While email attachments are a popular and convenient way to send documents, they are also one of the most common sources of viruses.  Use caution when opening attachments, even if they appear to have been sent by someone you know. Why can email attachments be dangerous? Some […]