Managed Phishing Simulations

You won’t need an administrator to run phishing simulations in your organization.

Our fully managed service frees your employees to do their jobs without adding tedious tasks to their workload.


Phishing Simulation Example

No Software, No Administrators, No Worries.

Our experts send phishing emails to your employees, give them feedback, and send you a monthly report via email.

Step 1.

Sign Up.

Step 2.

Upload or connect email addresses.

Step 3.

Whitelist our IP Addresses.

Email Phishing Attack

Benefits And Features

  • Test your employees to see who’s vulnerable to phishing attacks.
  • Automated training emails ensure your people learn from their mistakes over time.
  • Reduce how phishing prone your employees are quickly and easily.
  • Avoid security threats that can be recognized through training in your organization.

How Does It Work?

  • New fully managed phishing emails every month.

  • Follow-up emails to end users showing whether they successfully passed or what they need to know to do better next time.

  • A monthly summary report showing user statistics.

  • A dedicated Hailbytes expert for answers to all of your questions and to give you feedback when necessary.

Phishing Training Email On Laptop

Get Results With Continuous Training

  • Everyone in your organization will be trained to spot phishing emails.
  • Our phishing emails are tailored to your organization and to current events.
  • On average your organization can see a 90% decline in successful phishing attempts.
  • Our phishing simulations and video training courses work together to create a culture of cybersecurity in your organization.
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Who Uses Our Software?

Our software is easy to use, dependable and comes fully supported by Hailbytes.

We are trusted by some of the biggest companies:

  • Amazon
  • Zoom
  • Deloitte
  • SHI

And many more!

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