A no-nonsense phishing simulation, awareness, and training tool.

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It’s all set up. Just start phishing!


Kapenta is a cloud based phishing simulation, training, and staff awareness software solution.

Send simulated phishing campaigns to your staff, monitor who clicks the links or submits sensitive data, and give point of failure training. Make your staff part of your security team by allowing them to report Kapenta simulation emails, as well as real phishing emails.

Hackers take the path of least resistance, and in today’s world that involves exploiting your staff. In any modern company staff have legitimate access to valuable resources, that hackers want to access.

Consider how much of your IT / security budget is spent on equipment, and how much is spent on defending the layer hackers are most likely to target – your people.

Hiring a security consultant to perform a social engineering / phishing campaign will cost a lot, and will do nothing other than to let you know that a couple of employees were hoodwinked. Ongoing awareness training is far more beneficial, and ups the overall security posture of your organization.

Security software can be extremely expensive, and whilst it may be advisable to have the latest AI powered blockchain based APT firewall (no, not really) there are diminishing returns on such devices. Defending your most important layer – your people – should be high on any priority list. We keep the cost of Kapenta down by automating the process a hacker would go through to compromise a target. Fill the form to get a quote for your organization.

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