Top OATH API Vulnerabilities

Top OATH API Vulnerabilites

Top OATH API Vulnerabilities Top OATH API Vulnerabilities: Intro When it comes to exploits, APIs are the greatest place to start. API access usually consists of three parts. Clients are issued tokens by an Authorization Server, which runs alongside APIs. The API receives access tokens from the client and applies domain-specific authorization rules based on […]

What is Fuzzing?

What is fuzzing

What is Fuzzing? Intro: What is Fuzzing? In 2014, Chinese hackers hacked into Community Health Systems, a for-profit US hospital chain, and stole 4.5 million patients’ data. The hackers exploited a bug called Heartbleed that was discovered in the OpenSSL cryptography library some months before the hack. Heartbleed is an example of a class of […]

11 OSINT Tools to Test in 2022

11 osint tools to test in 2022

11 OSINT Tools to Test in 2022 11 OSINT Tools to Test in 2022: Intro Hackers attack systems using open source intelligence. Before a hacker can get to your data, you can use OSINT tools to see whether any of your data has been compromised on the web. Open-source intelligence technologies scour the web for […]

Top 10 Penetration Testing Tools

op 10 Pen testing tools 2022

Top 10 Penetration Testing Tools Top 10 Penetration Testing Tools: Intro A common hacking scene in movies is some nerdy-looking person, glasses and weird haircut, hunched over a laptop typing furiously with lines of code scrolling by on a multi-screen setup. The weird haircut and glasses part may be true sometimes, but the rest is […]

How Strong Is My Password?

How strong is my password

How Strong Is My Password? How Strong Is My Password? Having a strong password can be the difference between keeping the money in your bank account or not. A password serves as the primary access point to your online identity, much like your house keys do. That is why hackers are constantly on the lookout […]

Defense In Depth: 10 steps to build a secure foundation against cyber attacks in 2022

Defining and communicating your Business’s Information Risk Strategy is central to your organization’s overall cyber security strategy. We recommend you establish this strategy, including the nine associated security areas described below, in order to protect your business against the majority of cyber attacks. 1. Set up your Risk Management Strategy Assess the risks to your […]