7 Security Awareness Tips For 2022

Security Awareness Tips

In this article, we will give you a few tips on how you can stay safe from cyber attacks in 2022. Follow A Clean Desk Policy Following a clean desk policy will help reduce the risk of information theft, fraud, or a security breach caused by sensitive information being left in plain view. When leaving […]

5 Signs You’re Dealing with a Catfishing Attempt: What is Catfishing?

5 Signs You're Dealing with a Catfishing Attempt: What is Catfishing?

Have you ever been contacted by someone online that seemed too good to be true? They might have been catfishing you. Catfishing is a type of social engineering attack where the attacker tries to create a relationship with their victim in order to gain trust. Often, catfish use fake identities and photos in order to […]

The Secure Software Development Lifecycle: What You Need to Know

The Secure Software Development Lifecycle: What You Need to Know

The secure software development life cycle (SSDLC) is a process that helps developers create software that is secure and reliable. The SSDLC helps organizations identify and manage security risks throughout the software development process. In this blog post, we will discuss the key components of the SSDLC and how it can help your business create […]

Debunking Common Cybersecurity Myths

Debunking common cybersecurity myths

Debunking Common Cybersecurity Myths Table of Contents Article Introduction There are many misconceptions about cyber security at home and at the workplace. Some people think they just have to install antivirus software on their computers to protect them from hackers. Having Antivirus software is a good thing but it cannot guarantee you from getting hacked. […]

Top OAuth API Vulnerabilities

Top OATH API Vulnerabilites

Top OATH API Vulnerabilities Top OATH API Vulnerabilities: Intro When it comes to exploits, APIs are the greatest place to start. API access usually consists of three parts. Clients are issued tokens by an Authorization Server, which runs alongside APIs. The API receives access tokens from the client and applies domain-specific authorization rules based on […]