Debunking Common Cybersecurity Myths

Debunking common cybersecurity myths

Debunking Common Cybersecurity Myths Article Introduction There are many misconceptions about cyber security at home and at the workplace. Some people think they just have to install antivirus software on their computers to protect them from hackers. Having Antivirus software is a good thing but it cannot guarantee you from getting hacked. Here are some […]

What is Fuzzing?

What is fuzzing

What is Fuzzing? Intro: What is Fuzzing? In 2014, Chinese hackers hacked into Community Health Systems, a for-profit US hospital chain, and stole 4.5 million patients’ data. The hackers exploited a bug called Heartbleed that was discovered in the OpenSSL cryptography library some months before the hack. Heartbleed is an example of a class of […]

11 OSINT Tools to Test in 2022

11 osint tools to test in 2022

11 OSINT Tools to Test in 2022 11 OSINT Tools to Test in 2022: Intro Hackers attack systems using open source intelligence. Before a hacker can get to your data, you can use OSINT tools to see whether any of your data has been compromised on the web. Open-source intelligence technologies scour the web for […]

33 Cybersecurity Stats for 2022

33 Cybersecurity Stats for 2020 Table of Contents The Importance of Cybersecurity 33 Cybersecurity Statistics for 2020 Big Takeaways The Importance of Cybersecurity  Cybersecurity has become an increasingly bigger problem for large and small businesses alike. Although everyday we learn more about how to defend ourselves from these attacks, the industry still has a long […]