Are AWS Services More Secure?

Are AWS Services More Secure

Are AWS Services really more secure?

The truth is that whenever you are involving third-party infrastructure in your security systems, you are always opening yourself up to more risks.

Whenever you add more technology to your stack, it is important to factor in compliance standards, and verify that the vendors you work with meet your requirements.

The benefit of using AWS is that you have the most reputable cloud platform verifying security and compliance standards for all software on the platform.

This verification process is thorough, involves multiple security analysts, and involves automated tests on AWS’s part.

When you are choosing to go with a product on AWS cloud, you are choosing to work with vendors that have been vetted by professionals to the highest standards.

How Does AWS Help You Maintain Compliance?

AWS has over 2,500 security controls built in, and takes a metered approach to the tools available. This allows you to use world-class security software no matter what size your business. It’s even possible to scale your software usage to thousands of seats using their infrastructure.

Compliance is hard to maintain when you can’t see what members of your organization are doing, and what they have access to. Within AWS, you have an environment with complete control over user access, and you have complete reporting over user activity.

With built-in and third-party security tools, complete control over user access and detailed reporting on user activity, you have all of the tools and data that you need to help maintain compliance for your organization.

How Secure Is Your Company’s Data On AWS Cloud Services?

AWS Identity and Access Management allows you to manage access to your data and secure applications. AWS also provides services to generate encrypted keys, manage compliance, manage governance controls, and auditing tools.

AWS has to be completely compliant with many of the standards that are popularly used such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, ISO 27701, and ISO27018. When you use AWS cloud services, you are working with a vendor that uses the maximum amount of data privacy protection as possible.

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